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OKay understands how difficult it can be starting a business. We also recognize the need for a web page is not a "nice-to-have" but a must-have these days.

We proudly announce our Free Web Design and Free Web hosting bundle


OKay is committed with your mutual help. If you grow, we grow; because of that, we are offering free web hosting for the following public:

  • First-time entrepreneurs
  • Small business
  • Personal websites such as blogs or photography galleries.


If you are reading this it is because you have been thinking about the possibility of starting a VoIP business. You are not wrong considering it; the telecommunications market has shown a constant growth in the past few years and it does not seem it will stop at all.

This is not an impossible dream. With the correct focus, you can convert your VoIP start-up from a personal project to your main income.

Low budget IP telephone businesses are possible with the help of OKay. We will show you in terms of money an overview of the possible expenses and incomes of this business.

About OKay

An IT Company whose mission is generating value with low cost of ownership.

We will offer you Linux based solutions that satisfy your needs. We focus on VoIP & Linux, but we are up for any other challenge you may want to bring.