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Today we published the RPM for CentOS 6 and 7 for the PowerDNS Low Latency Add-on, a piece by OKay designated to allow load balancing in PBX'es farms (also known as clusters) containing FreeSWITCH. This software allows load balancing between different nodes and if configured correctly, you can have a high availability scheme.

The software is programmed in ANSI C requires PowerDNS with the addition PIPE installed. It also offers support for both database MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL. It is highly integrated with Nagios (although with some modifications to the scripts you can use other software) to allow nodes dynamically enable and disable.

Using this add DNS allows you to install farms simpler switches. The need for middleware as Kalamaio is now optional due to load balancing. Furthermore, this software not only enables the classic load balancing (where all nodes are in the same data centre) but allows cloud-based balancing with servers spread around the world.

Pubic changelog records are available to meet the relevant changes.

Next Development Steps

We start working on version 1.2 of our software. We will add direct support SRV records, this decision will facilitate endpoints to connect to different nodes and get a more reliable and smooth at the time of changing of high availability servers.

If time permits, we will end support for IPv6. This being optional for the low penetration of the new version of IP protocol in the VoIP market.

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