• Cosmetic fixes


  • Database currency rate cache. Use the following default setting category: 'billing', subcategory: 'currency_database_cache_ttl', type: 'numeric' to specify a TTL (in seconds). If you specify a negative number, the cache won't expire. You can manipulate this table to use your own rates.
  • Multiple fixes when using account code different than the domain
  • More WHMCS work to make the integration easier. Billable items can be pushed to be invoiced on the next cron, next invoice or a fixed due date.


  • Force a customer to pay the balance in full.
  • Currency conversion API updated, you will need to get your own API key from https://www.currencyconverterapi.com/
  • Currency API updated to v7
  • All default settings using dot are now deprecated (still useful), use the lower dash. For example, paypal.debug is now paypal_debug.
  • More WHCMS fixes.
  • Disable the payment button after pressing it, it will prevent double charges.
  • Minimum payments. You can specify a general minimum top-up amount or per payment plugin.


  • The retroactive script, you can bill for passed calls
  • Cosmetic fixes


  • Postpaid Customers now can be forced to pay the balance in full
  • The quick profile import tool
  • Cosmetic fixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes
  • Static billing items are rewritten
  • New database fields
  • WHMCS support, you can now invoice


  • Bugfix that prevents the correct charge of static items when using multi-tenant and mixing billing profiles
  • Many speed improvements
  • Since Yahoo! Finance has closed its currency converting service, we have switched to curencyconverterapi.com

  • Bugfix that prevents installation in brand new deployments


  • TAXes logic was improved, they are added when you are paying
  • The Stripe/Offline payment add-ons are now included


  • IDR currency support
  • Labelling changes of LCR Profile to be more understandable
  • Minor fixes


  • New default settings to allow to disable experimental features
  • Better support for FusionPBX 4.0
  • Fix PayPal IPN issue that prevents balance application under some conditions
  • Allow showing the updated balance after paying with PayPal


  • Useless fields are now hidden


  • More fault tolerable
  • More credit for post-paid profiles
  • Paypal, Stripe and Offline payments plugins now use Default Settings. File config is supported for compatibility
  • Paypal payment plugin now supports auto top-ups
  • HTTPS now can be selected as the default protocol
  • Better support for websites with 301/302 answer codes
  • Postpaid invoices with CC and BCC support
  • Better support for PostgreSQL


  • Better Support for FusionPBX 3.7
  • New 'default settings' to control pyramid message
  • New script to send billing messages to post-paid users
  • Recurrent payments for Paypal Support
  • nibblebill.conf.xml file fixes
  • Commission deduction support for payment gateways, in % or fixed quantity

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